Conference Policy

Published: 01 Jan 2016
Updated: 08 Feb 2020

1)All instructions for submissions should be strictly followed.

2)Authors names together with the sequencing are not allowed to be changed (strictly). Authors names as per the Abstract approved should also be used for the Full Paper. The 1stAuthor should also be the corresponding author.

3)All communications shall be transmitted to the 1stAuthor only (strictly), the email as per submitted in the Abstract. Please cite your Abstract No. for all communications.

4)Submission deadlines as per the conference Timeline is strictly adhered.  The Late Charges imposed are as a deterrent for late submissions. An additional Inconvenience Fees of USD50 shall be charged for resubmissions which did not comply with the requirements, even if the submission is still within the deadline.

5)All payments received are non-refundable (including cancellation of participation, abstracts rejected or non-submission of amended full paper within the deadlines).

6)Attendance is NOT compulsory for your Oral Presentation. The papers shall still be considered for publication in the final Proceeding (E-BPJ). However, non-Oral Presentation and non-payment for Publication Fees to be submitted together with the Conference Registration Fees shall disqualify the papers from being considered for the Best Paper Awards.

7)Oral Presenters attending must register during the stipulated time as per the Programme. Latecomers shall be considered as not presenting @ not attending. The conf pack and certificate will not be given to them.

8)Breakout Schedules shall be released during the Conf Registration. As Oral Presenters are expected to attend the whole session, any special request for rescheduling of their oral presentation does not arise.

9)Full Paper accepted for the conference is not a guarantee that it would be published in the final Proceeding. It is compulsory to submit both the non-refundable Conference Registration Fees and Publication Fees, together with the Full Paper submission. Failing which, the Full Paper shall not be reviewed, nor published in the draft Proceeding.

10)Publication of the Conference Proceeding shall be based on the amended full papers only, as recommended by the International Scientific Committee (ISC). The draft Proceeding published in the conference web during the conference is solely meant as a reference for participants during the conference.

11)Conference Certificates shall be issued at the conference venue only to those who attend. Those shall be presented during the Closing (strictly). No special request shall be entertained. Only one certificate per person shall be issued, that is Presenter, Co-Author or Participant. Additional certificates for non-attending Co-Authors, upon special request, shall be issued at the conference venue only, at a charge of USD50 per certificate.

12)Conference packs are distributed at the conference venue only.

13)Visa application is the sole responsibility of the participant. Please apply Tourist Visa (Not visa for attending the conference) on your own. The Organiser shall not issue any Letter of Support for Visa Application, and should not be held responsible if you could not obtain your visa in time for the conference.

14)In matters pertaining to publications, for any  Appeal Cases,  a Note of Appeal must be sent immediately to the Editor-in-Chief via and c.c. to the Conf Sec. The Note of Appeal must be enclosed with a USD50 administrative charge payable to EMAS EMAS RESOURCES. Failing which, the appeal will not be considered.