ASLI QoL Conference Theme

Published: 06 Jul 2020

The ASLI QoL (Annual Serial Landmark International  conferences on Quality of Life) main theme addresses Quality of Life  issues affecting the Asian/African/Arabian communities. QoL issues affecting other communities are also most welcomed.

Paper contributions shall involve the following environments (though not exhaustive):-

Children & Youth Environment;

Commercial/Retail/Services Environment;

Communication / Social Media Environment;

Community Environment / Social Psychology;

Construction Environment;

Design & Creative Environment;

Disabled / Inclusive Environment;

Educational / Learning Environment;

Elderly Environment;

Energy Environment;

General Psychology;

Green Environment;

Healing / Healthcare Environment;

Hospitality / Tourism Environment;

Landscaping Environment;

Legal Matters;

Leisure / Recreational / Sports Environment;

Local Cultural / Heritage Environment (Food included);

Management & Production Environment;

Natural Environment;

Policy Matters

Public Sector Environment,

Residential Environment;

Rural Environment / Rural Psychology;

Sustainable Environment;

Technology-related Environment;

Transportation / Travelling Environment;

Urban Environment / Urban Psychology;

Workplace Environment