AcE-Bs2020Jakarta, 03-04 Jun 2020

Published: 18 Jan 2020
Updated: 21 Mar 2020

Important Announcement
Considering the WoS-indexed E-BPJ has to be published on time, the AcE-Bs2020Jakarta, 03-04 June shall be held as scheduled.
Picking up the lessons learnt from the forced postponement of AicQoL2020,  Malacca18-19 2020:-
a) Participants can choose whether to attend at the conf venue, or present virtually via ZOOM
b) If  AcE-Bs2020Jakarta has to be forced to postpone, all participants shall present virtually via ZOOM.
c) Due to the uncertainty, it is advisable to get your Travel Insurance if you do wish to attend physically.

Indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (WoS)

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The WoS-indexed, 9th AcE-Bs2020Jakarta, Indonesia (Asian Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies), our 31st international conference shall be held at the  Sofyan Hotel Cut Meutia, Jakarta, Indonesia from 03-04 Jun 2020.

AcE-Bs2020Jakarta shall be organised by AMER (Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers), ABRA (Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians) and cE-Bs (Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies, FSPU, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia). It shall be co-hosted by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia,

The event shall be fully managed by AMER’s subsidiary, emAs (AMER Event Management & Services) under emAs emAs Resources.

The e-IPH, UK shall publish both the Abstract Book (eISBN  978-1-913576-00-4), and the Proceeding in the E-BPJ (Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal), eISSN 2398-4287, 5(14) Jun 2020, issue. Currently, the E-BPJ is indexed in Clavirate Analytics Web of Science (WoS) and ScienceOpen. Extended versions of the selected papers shall be published as freely accessible articles, online, in our other international journals – AjBeS, AjQoL, ajE-Bs or jABs, free of charge.

Online Submission Process
There are 5 steps in the Abstract or Full Paper online submission process to the E-BPJ (Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal) as below:-
Step 1. Starting the submission
Tick ALL the boxes
Step 2. Uploading the submission
Only 1 file allowed to be uploaded. Submit the Abstract or Full Paper in WORDS.
Step 3. Entering the submission’s metadata
Fill your particulars and that of the Abstract or Full Paper
Step 4. Uploading the supplementary files
Upload all other files (no limit in numbers). E.g. Registration Form, Student’s ID, AMER ABRA Membership Certificate, Proof of payment, etc.
Step 5. Confirming the submission
Confirm Submission

To those who have previously registered with the E-BPJ, you should be able to Login.
If not,  Register first before you are able to Login.

Abstract Deadline & Fees
Abstract & Conference Registration Submission Requirements:-
a) Please submit your Abstract both Online and Email as per the Abstract Template (WORDS file). Grammarly Score Equivalent (>90%); Similarity Index (<30%).
Compulsory to include as Supplementary Files (Pdf):-
b) Conference Registration Form
c) Proof of Abstract Fees paid.
Please submit online your Abstract under the Section:- AcE-Bs2020Jakarta, 03-04 Jun 2020
By 08 Apr 2020 (Earlybird), Abstract Fees: RM100 / USD26.
By 15 Apr 2020 (Normal Rate) Abstract Fees: RM200 / USD 52.

Full Paper Deadline & Fees
Full Paper to be submitted by 13 May 2020 (Earlybird) / 27 May 2020 (Normal).
Submission Requirements:-
a) Please submit your full paper both Online and email as per the Full Paper template (WORDS file), to be emailed to authors of the approved abstract.
Grammarly Score Equivalent (>90%); Similarity Index (<30%)
Compulsory to include as Supplementary Files (Pdf):-
b) Publishing Agreement, filled and duly signed
c) Proof of Registration Fees and Subsidised Publication Fees paid (Refer Fees).
Papers shall not be accepted after 27 May 2020 (strictly).



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