Published: 04 Feb 2018


AicE-Bs2018Sheffield: Theme Synopsis


Commencing with our 25th silver international conference - the AicE-Bs2018Sheffield, there shall be no conference theme. Paper contributors are expected to focus specifically on environment-behaviour issues pertaining to the following environments (though not exhaustive):-


Children’s Environment; Commercial/Retail/Services Environment; Communication Environment; Community Environment / Social Psychology; Construction Environment; Disabled / Inclusive Environment; Educational / Learning Environment; Elderly Environment; General Psychology; Healing / Healthcare Environment; Hospitality / Tourism Environment; Landscaping Environment; Legal Matters; Leisure / Recreational / Sports Environment; Local Cultural / Heritage Environment (Food included); Natural Environment; Residential Environment; Rural Environment  /  Rural Psychology; Technology-related Environment; Transportation / Travelling Environment; Urban Environment / Urban Psychology; Workplace Environment;  etc.