Published: 01 Oct 2017


AcE-Bs2018Roorkee: Timeline


1st Stage: Submission of Extended Abstract

01 Oct 2017: Calling for Extended Abstract
29 Nov 2017Deadline for Online submission of Extended Abstract (with compulsory non-refundable Abstract Fees)
06 Dec 2017: Deadline of Late Charges for submission of Extended Abstract (with additional 100% of Abstract Fees)


2nd Stage: Submission of Full Paper

03 Jan 2018:  Deadline for Online Full Paper submission (With compulsory non-refundable Registration Fees)
10 Jan 2018: Deadline of Late Charges  for Full Paper submission (Refer Schedule on Registration Fees)
10 Jan 2018: Registration officially closes 
Full papers submitted after 10 Jan 2018 shall not be accepted (strictly).


3rd Stage: Reviews & Resubmissions

11 Jan 2018: Full papers sent to ISC for peer reviews
12 Jan 2018: Final draft of full papers sent to publisher for publication in Draft Proceeding
07 Feb 2018Reviews received from ISC sent to authors
10-14 Feb 2018: AcE-Bs2018Roorkee
07 Mar 2018: Deadline for Online re-submission of amended Full Papers. Late submission shall not be published in the final Proceeding (strictly).