Published: 09 April 2017


AQoL2017Kuching: Theme Synopsis


"Quality of Life 3”


The Quality of Life (QoL) has been a central issue for decades, not only for disciplines involved in the creation of the built environment and the management of the natural environment but more importantly of the impact upon the global communities, due to the growing pressures of development. QoL shall forever not only remain central, as "quality" is subjected to continuous improvement but also subjective because the interpretation differs between communities in the more developed regions as compared to those in developing regions. The QoL concept is also linked to Sustainable Development, such that unless we engage with more sustainable practices, the QoL in both the built and natural environments would soon be deteriorated.


AQoL2017Kuching, contributes to the debate and solutions on the QoL concept as a key element of responsive environmental design impacting various communities. In particular, which affects the currently 4.3 billion Asian communities worldwide - about 60% of the world population. Special focus shall be upon the wellbeing of those Asian communities, with a high growth rate, living in both the Asian and non-Asian countries., which involves the following environments (though not exhaustive):-


Children’s Environment; Commercial/Retail/Services Environment; Communication Environment; Community Environment / Social Psychology; Construction Environment; Disabled / Inclusive Environment; Educational / Learning Environment; Elderly Environment; General Psychology; Healing / Healthcare Environment; Hospitality / Tourism Environment; Landscaping Environment; Legal Matters; Leisure / Recreational / Sports Environment; Local Cultural / Heritage Environment (Food included); Natural Environment; Residential Environment; Rural Environment  /  Rural Psychology; Technology-related Environment; Transportation / Travelling Environment; Urban Environment / Urban Psychology; Workplace Environment;  etc.