Published: 17th November 2015

Updated: 16 December 2017


AicQoL: Background


The AMER (ABRA malaysia) support for the AcE-Bs and AicE-Bs conferences, initially organised by the Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies (cE-Bs), FAPS, UiTM, Malaysia, and co-hosted by international colleagues within the Environment-Behaviour (EB) disciplines, have been held and planned to be away from Malaysia, worldwide.


There is a need for an annual serial internationally very relevant behavioural-themed conference in/nearby Malaysia, not only for the benefit of AMER / ABRA local members  who could not participate at the AcE-Bs and AicE-Bs conferences being held worldwide, but also for potential international participants who would like to present their papers in/nearby Malaysia. What behavioural-themed can be most relevant affecting all nations than the QoL (Quality of Life)?


Thus, the timely and relevance of the annual serial back-to-back ASEAN-Turkey ASLI (Annual Serial Landmark International) Conferences on QoL. The AicQoL,  AMER International Conference on Quality of Life. shall be held at the ASEAN venues, while the AQoL, ABRA International Conference on Quality of Life shall be held in Turkey, or non-ASEAN countries.


AicQoL was also strategized to coincide with AMER’s AGMs. The maiden AicQoL2013Langkawi was held on 6-7 April 2013. That was followed by AicQoL2014KotaKinabalu, 04-05 January 2014; AicQoL2015Jakarta, 25-27 April 2015; AicQoL2016Medan,  25-27 February 2016, and AicQoL2017Bangkok, 25-27 February 2017.


The anchor theme of the conference is “Quality of Life in the Built & Natural Environment”.